Yu Yu Hakusho Dark Tournament Booster Display (24)

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The Dark Tournament Approaches

Players have waited years for the Dark Tournament and UVS Games conclusion of the Yu Yu Hakusho story arc, and it has finally arrived Featuring 16 different characters, reprints of key cards from the original Yu Yu Hakusho set and much more, this set will be great for players new to UniVersus as well as those who experienced the first set back in 2019

Contains 24 Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament booster packs

Limited edition Chrome Rares appear in this set as key characters

With 6 different Secret Rares as well as other special cards to collect, there is a lot here for players, collectors and fans

12 total cards:1 character card, 1 reprinted card for the original Yu Yu Hakusho set, 6 commons, 3 uncommons and one of the following: Rare, Ultra Rare or Secret Rare