Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm looking at an item for purchase, but what do 'Virginia Beach', 'Newport News' and 'Special Order' mean for Location?

A: Currently, ALL the products on are available either, 1) on hand at the Virginia Beach or Newport News locations, or 2) for special order, meaning we may not have the item at a particular store right now, BUT it is showing available immediately through one of our main distributors.

Q: I want this product! It is in stock at Newport News, but I want to pick it up in Virginia Beach. What do I do?

A: That's no problem- it may add 24-48 hours to until your order is ready for pickup while we arrange the best way to get your product from one location to the other.

Q: How soon will my 'Special Order' items arrive?

A: Once you place your special order with us, we will order the product/s from our distributor the following business day. Under normal conditions, your item would arrive within 2-3 days. Currently we are seeing more delay than normal from our distributors, so 2-14 days is possible. If we find there is going to be an excessive delay with your order, we will notify you ASAP.