Starfinder: Starfinder: Flip-Mat - Solar Temple

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PZO 7324
Whether the heroes are mastering the secrets of supernovas and black holes under the tutelage of a master solarian or defending mystics in the glare of a once-in-a-lifetime solar flare eruption, no Game Master wants to spend time drawing every meditation room and training courtyard. Fortunately, with Paizos latest Starfinder Flip-Mat, you dont have to This line of gaming maps provides ready-to-use science-fantasy set pieces for the busy Game Master. This double-sided map features an ancient solarian hermitage on one side and a futuristic cloister in space on the other. Dont waste time sketching when you could be playing. With Starfinder Flip-Mat: Solar Temple, youll be ready the next time your players seek enlightenment among the stars

A special coating on each Flip-Mat allows you to use wet erase, dry erase, AND permanent markers with ease Removing permanent ink is easysimply trace over any permanent mark with a dry erase marker, wait 10 seconds, then wipe off both marks with a dry cloth or paper towel.