My Hero Academia: MHACCG: Jet Burn Booster Display (24) (MHA Set 6)

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The New #1 Pro Hero is Tested The MY HERO ACADEMIA COLLECTIBLE CARD GAME: Jet Burn release features 17 new characters to build decks around including the introduction of Hawks and Hood as well as a new version of Endeavor. With over 150 new cards, this set is sure to fly fast

Contains 24 Jet Burn booster packs

Each booster contains
11 total cards:
1 character card
6 commons
3 uncommons
and one of the following: Rare, Ultra Rare or Secret Rare

Limited edition Chrome Rares appear in this set as exciting treatments of character cards
Jet Burn contains 6 different powerful Secret Rares to enhance your decks
New card frame treatments show off more of the great art, especially on more rare cards
Fan favorite characters will make their first appearance in this set