Miscellanous RPGs: Nancy Druid

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Nancy Druid is the Awesome World RPG where you solve natures cutest mysteries

Druid Detectives are one part scout, one part detective, and all druid They love nature, animals, and solving every mystery they encounter All while keeping the forest safe for its inhabitants and filling their sashes up with badges

This book includes all the rules you need to create your own troop, solve some mysteries, and earn cool badges Will you be a sun druid, who brings bright-ness and warm glow to all, with the help of your scout troops companion critter? Or will you be a moon druid, versed in all things celestial and able to transform into an animal yourself?

Awesome World games are all compatible with each other and use the unique polymorph system where each player only ever rolls their own die and we promise that there isnt any math.