A Song of Ice & Fire Tabletop Miniatures Game: ASoIaF: Dreadfort Spearmen

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House Bolton's main troops, their Spearmen, are all indoctrinated in the House's combat ethic of causing fear and panic among enemy ranks at every opportunity. Though not heavily armed or armored, they are still a fearsome unit on the battlefield. Their helmets and shields have spikes welded to them which are designed less for raw combat and advantage and more to sow fear among enemy ranks as row upon row of spiked horrors bear down upon them. Spearmen train to aim for points on enemies to inflict terrible wounds but not necessarily kill their opponent, leaving many prisoners for the House to exercise their cruel sports upon.

12 Miniatures (11 Dreadfort Spearmen, 1 Dreadfort Spearman Bannerman)
1 Unit Card
1 Movement Tray