Dungeons & Dragons: Teeth of Dahlver-Nar Bite-Sized Artifact

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WZK 96122
Based on the fabled artifact once carried by the powerful cleric whose name it now bears, this collection of 20 teeth gathered from all manner of creatures rests comportably within a leather pouch designed to serve as both container and display.

No.1 Ivory Cat Molar
No. 2 Human Molar
No. 3 Golden Goblin Bicuspid
No. 4 Halfling Canine
No. 5 Emerald Lizardfolk Fang
No. 6 Sweet-tasting Human Canine
No. 7 Rainbow-colored Donkey Molar
No. 8 Silver Mind Flayer Tooth
No. 9 Vomerine Tooth of a Large Toad
No. 10 Obsidian Human Molar
No. 11 Yellowed Vampire Fang
No. 12 Twisted Beholder Tooth
No. 13 Lapis Lazuli Oni Fang
No. 14 Broken Translucent Fang
No. 15 Jade Humanoid Bicuspid
No. 16 Green Steel Pit Fiend Fang
No. 17 Blue Dragon Fang
No. 17 Jagged Sliver of Tarrasque Tooth
No. 19 Ruby-Veined Red Dragon Fang
No. 20 Dusty Human Molar
Leather drawstring bag
Game rules and a d20 to make including the Teeth of Dahlver-Nar in your D&D game easy.