Board Games: Etherfields: Stretch Goals

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Etherfields Stretch Goals offer 2 new campaigns with eerie Dreams and secrets, plus Flying Cat and Riddler expansions, and optional game modes. The Harpy campaign follows Dreamers as they pursue a thief through the Dreamworld, visiting places like the Infinite Market and the Prison, and joining parades, parties, and carnivals. Different choices lead to different outcomes, so choose wisely She-Wolf portrays a war between the chaotic Parasites and the natural Endless Forest. Explore the frozen taiga, confront the corrupted elven king, and survive the summer vacation to prepare for the final battle. The Dreamers decisions will determine the conflicts outcome.

4 High Quality Models
129 Oversized Cards
249 Standard Cards
20+ Tokens
1 Script Book
1 Special etherfields 2.0 Envelope
1 Rulebook
1 Bonus Content Sheet
4 Save Sheet Pages
Various Cards